Ora Nova Fandina           אורה פנדינה


I am a postdoc at Aarhus's University CS Department, hosted by Kasper Green Larsen .

I did my PhD at the CS Department of the Hebrew University, under the guidance of Yair Bartal and Ofer Neiman.

My research interests are low-distortion metric embedding, dimensionality reduction and approximation.

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​       with Yair Bartal and Ofer Neiman                                     Haiku abstract   They say, in practice, // few dimensions are enough. // But in theory?


​       with Yair Bartal and Ofer Neiman                                     Haiku abstract   In a doubling world, // You see this grove of trees? // They are enough.


​       with Yair Bartal and Seeun William Umboh                    Haiku abstract   Online random trees. // Tight. Yet, the error is large. // Are they still of use?


             with Yair Bartal and Kasper Green Larsen                                     Haiku abstract     No haiku needed, // the title really says it all: // In practice use JL   


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with Shlomi Dolev and Joseph Rosen  ​

        with Shlomi Dolev and Dan Gutfreund 




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I was born and grew up in Kramatorsk, a small industrial town in Ukraine, where I finished high school. I arrived in Israel together with my family in my teens.  Dan is my husband and Ruth is our daughter.

Together with Dan we have backpacked in (sorted almost randomly): Ethiopia, Georgia, Tajikistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Japan, Costa-Rica, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Greece, Italy, Slovakia, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan.


Гимн ученому, В. Маяковский.


The Hebrew Language and Jerusalem

The Academy of the Hebrew Language

Jerusalem has three almost totally unconnected city centers: the Historical Center(aka tourist Jerusalem), the Haredi Center (Ultra-Orthodox Jews) and East Jerusalem Center (Arab Jerusalem).

All three speak different languages (Hebrew, Yiddish, Arabic), and have their own set of holidays defined by the three Abrahamic religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

They use different calendars: in the Christian tradition, the current year is 2020, according to the Jewish calendar the year is 5780, and in the Islamic tradition the year is 1441.

Most of the residents of the Haredi areas have never visited East Jerusalem neighborhoods and the same holds true for the residents of East Jerusalem, who never visit the Haredi areas.

Yet, despite these seemingly huge gaps, the communities live side by side and use the same public services.


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