Ora Nova Fandina

          אורה פנדינה

I am an AI Research Scientist at IBM Research, Israel. My primary area of research at IBM revolves around foundation language models, with a focus on understanding and mitigating safety risks. My work aims to enhance the reliability and responsible deployment of language technologies. I am also very interested in theory of machine learning, dimensionality reduction, approximation and theory of CS in general.

Before joining IBM I was a postdoc at the  CS Department at Aarhus University, hosted by Kasper Green Larsen. I obtained my Ph.D. at the CS Department of the Hebrew University, under the guidance of Yair Bartal and Ofer Neiman .   Email: fandina (at) gmail (dot) com


  George Kour, Marcel Zalmanovici, Naama Zwerdling, Esther Goldbraich, Ora Nova Fandina, Ateret Anaby-Tavor, Orna Raz, Eitan Farchi

with  Mikael Møller Høgsgaard and Kasper Green Larsen

Haiku abstract (by chatGPT)   An old method's pace // revised, now faster to use. // Efficiency reigns.

with  Mikael Møller Høgsgaard and Kasper Green Larsen

with Yair Bartal and Kasper Green Larsen

Haiku abstract   It was not designed // to preserve the average. // Yet, it optimally does.    

​with Yair Bartal and Seeun William Umboh

Haiku abstract   Online random trees. // Tight. Yet, the error is large. // Are they still of use?

​with Yair Bartal and Ofer Neiman

Haiku abstract   They say, in practice, // few dimensions are enough. // But in theory?

​ with Yair Bartal and Ofer Neiman

Haiku abstract   In a doubling world, // You see this grove of trees? // They are enough.

Publications outside of the main research scope

with Shlomi Dolev and Joseph Rosen  ​​​

with Shlomi Dolev and Dan Gutfreund 




I was born and grew up in Ukraine, where I finished high school. I arrived in Israel together with my family in my teens.
Dan is my husband and Ruth and Esther are our daughters. Together with Dan we have backpacked in:
Ethiopia, Georgia, Tajikistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Japan, Costa-Rica, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Greece, Italy, Slovakia, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan.

The Hebrew Language

The Academy of the Hebrew Language is where you can submit a proposal for new Hebrew words, as well as read about the miraculous history of the Hebrew language.

Math/CS Reading List

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The Queen's Gambit
Kafka on the Shore
Mother Night
Crime and Punishment
The Name of the Rose
The Brothers Karamazov: Revised Edition of Original Version
The Handmaid's Tale
Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers: The Acclaimed Guide to Stress, Stress-Related Diseases, and Coping
Our Mutual Friend
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Martin Eden
Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress
The Art of Being
Brief Answers to the Big Questions
Man for Himself: An Inquiry Into the Psychology of Ethics
The World of Yesterday: Memoirs of a European
Beware of Pity
Как творить историю

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